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Photo Tours designed for and by photographers

As you, we are photography lovers. Because of that, we carefully plan and designed each one of our photo tours and workshops.

First of all, we select the best destinations for photography on Earth. In each one of our photo tours, we always have a photographer expert in the area hosting the tour.
Then, we choose one of the best times of the year for the trip, based on the things or events we want to photograph.
Finally, we spend a lot of time choosing and planning the locations for the tour, preparing our sessions depending on factors such as the sun or moon positions, or the possibilities of photograph the Northern Lights.

Our first goal is always taking you to the most spectacular locations at the best possible moments of light. But, apart from that, we work hard to make each one of our photo tours a really incredible experience for you. A trip that you never forget, and also, an excellent opportunity to make new friends and get back home with an amazing collection of images.

The most spectacular destinations on Earth

We are a team of photographers able to host photography tours and workshops in more than 30 countries in 5 continents.

Some of the destinations where we travel are perfect for landscape and Nature photography, as the Canadian Rockies, Iceland, Lofoten Islands in Norway, Alaska, Patagonia, New Zealand, the American Southwest or Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks.
Other photo tours are more focused in social and cultural photography, like Myanmar, Ladakh, in the Indian Himalayas, China or Nepal (although they also provide us with fantastic landscape photography opportunities).
Finally, we also host photo tours to cities as Paris, New York, Lisbon, Amsterdam or London, which are mostly focused on cityscapes, urban landscape and architecture photography.

Anyway, we are sure that we have a destination which will perfectly with your photography dreams, and a professional photographer expert in the area that will allow you to enjoy your trip at its best.

Enjoy a wonderful photographic experience

Finally, our trips are always designed so almost any person can enjoy them, regardless their photography knowledge and previous experience, or their physical condition.

All the trips contained here are organized by professional travel agencies, which deals with all the logistic and burocratic details. That way, we, the photographers traveling with you, can focus on the photography part of the trip; we do our best to prepare the best locations for the trip, and plan our visits trying to be at the right places under the best lights.

You only have to worry about being there with us. We will take care of all details, making sure your experience is as great as possible, and allowing you to spend the maximum possible time taking photographs of the wonderful places we will be visiting.

Also, we offer private and custom photography tours, for anyone who needs something specific or different, or just prefer to be shooting one on one in his preferred location.

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